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The Tribute Tribe is a polished team of professional musicians performing as many of the top tribute bands available in live music today. Their tribute shows have been enjoyed by thousands at various concert venues, fairs, corporate events, weddings, reunions, holiday parties, and casinos in the Los Angeles area and and on tour throughout the United States. Their current tribute acts include artists such as Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine, Pink, Katy Perry, Ricky Martin, as well as genre-based tributes to the 80s, dance music, and much more. The members of the Tribute Tribe have extensive experience in music and performance, ranging from the recording studio to musical theater to stadium shows. This team knows what music people want to hear, and they deliver it with a tight, high-energy live musical performance, every time.


Stellar musicianship and showmanship. Tribute Tribe is a tight family of seasoned, professional musicians that work together to read the crowd and deliver a great show.


Music from many different genres, including pop, rock, Latin, dance music, as well as tribute bands for specific artists. Tribute Tribe brings joy for audiences of all ages with a song catalog that spans from the 70s through current Top 40 hits.


As a singular live music band, the Tribute Tribe can perform as multiple tribute acts at event with minimal turnaround time, providing an almost nonstop live concert experience

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